Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Noah is 1 month old!

I am so big!

I cannot believe our little baby is already 1 month old and getting so big! He weighed in at his 1 month appointment this week right at 11 lbs on the dot...his weight is way off the charts for a 1 month old! He is 22 inches long and his head circumference is now 15 1/2 inches. This guy loves to eat! He had another clean bill of health at this appointment.

We have learned a lot about Noah in a month...some of his likes and dislikes. During the first 2 weeks, he loved to eat and SLEEP during the day and night, and he was only fussy when he was hungry or needed a diaper change. Now that he is over 1 month old, our "sleepy" baby has woke up and is alert a good bit of the day. With this new alertness, has also come a baby who wants to fight sleep sometimes during the day and does not want to go to bed at night. Noah starts fighting sleep just after we have gotten him ready for bed around 7 or 7:30pm and does not want to go to sleep until 9 or 10pm. On a positive note, once he is asleep for the night, he sleeps really well (usually 3, 4, or 5 hour stretches!) 

At first, we thought he was hungry all of the time since he started cluster feeding (feeding every 1 -1 1/2 hours) around 6 or 7pm in the evening until it was time to go to sleep. Turns out, he was only cluster feeding for comfort since he was so tired. Our pediatrician assured us that he is gaining plenty of weight and does not need to cluster feed in the evenings. So now, Cole and I have been trying all sorts of ways to get him to fall asleep at night instead of fussing/cluster feeding. We have sung to him, rocked him, bathed him, put him in his bouncy seat, strolled him around the house, taken him on evening walks, carried him in the Becco carrier, etc.....some of these have worked and some have not. The best options so far have been the walks in the stroller and carrying him in the Becco. We still have car rides to try since he usually falls straight to sleep whenever we go on an outing, so hopefully this will be another good tool for us to use! Please feel free to share any other ideas that worked for your "fussy evening" baby.

We talked to our pediatrician all about his new found "fussy" period, and she reassured us it is totally normal for babies this age. She also reassured us that he does not have colic. I was starting to think this was where we were headed, so I was so glad to hear that this is not colic, just normal "newborn fussiness". Here's hoping that his fussy evening period will disappear just as quickly as it appeared! In the meantime, we will be strolling, carrying, driving and singing to Noah in the evenings!

Here is a rundown of 1 month:

Likes: the boob juice, his vibrating bouncy seat, white noise, music, being held, his stroller, car rides, warm baths with Momma, his dog rattle,  Momma's Becco baby carrier, singing, snuggling with Momma, and getting licked by the puppies

Dislikes: going to sleep at 7pm, peeing on himself, not being fed within seconds if he decides he is hungry

He's Still Unsure About: diaper changes and outfit changes, his Nuk pacifier (sometimes he loves it and sometimes he hates it), Momma's Maya sling wrap

Other News: Noah is starting to lose his hair on top. It is pretty cute because he looks like an old man!  His hair right now is pretty dark, but his eyebrows are really light. We are excited to see what color his new hair will be!

Can't wait to see what he is like at 2 months!!

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