Friday, July 13, 2012

The First Week!

Noah's first week of life is going great so far!! Cole and I could not have asked for a more peaceful and sweet baby. He is so chill for the most part. Here's hoping it stays that way!! Breastfeeding is going great, he sleeps like a champ and he loves to be held! Below are some photos from the first week. Enjoy!

Noah and Daddy right after birth

Noah and Opapa and GDaddy

Noah and GMommy

Happy Noah

Noah and Momma

Noah and Omama

Noah loves his Baby KTan Carrier

Our first family stroll (It was about 50 feet, but it felt 
so nice to be out in the sun together with the pups!)

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  1. We are so excited that Noah has arrived and is so healthy!!!! We are so proud of you and your ability to endure the long labor and deliver your first beautiful child for us. Love, Mom