Wednesday, July 4, 2012

38 Week Update

This Sunday marked our 38th week! I would not have predicted a few weeks ago that we would have made it this far (38 1/2 weeks to date), and here were are. I know Noah is going to be healthy and ready to be out once he decides it's time to enter this world!

We saw our midwife yesterday for our 38 week checkup, and I was so thankful for the timing of this appointment. I was up Monday night from 3:15am on with intense braxton hicks contractions and some contractions that felt more like painful menstrual cramps. We were not sure if early labor was setting in, so we were so relieved we already had a scheduled check up with Judith. My instincts did not think it was actual labor since there was no pattern in the frequency and intensity of my contractions, but I know every woman is different. My contractions were coming in every 5-15 mins with some being painful but more just feeling like a very intense tightening of my entire uterus (very uncomfortable!). We saw Judith at 10am yesterday, and she checked my cervix to see if labor was actually starting. At this point, I am not dilated, but my cervix is starting to thin and baby Noah's head is very low in my pelvis. She didn't give me any number measurements, but she thinks I will make it a few more days!

Unfortantely, I was up again last night with the same type of contractions, some of which would not release for several minutes. Cole helped me through a few of them by rubbing my back, and they finally started to release, and I was able to fall back asleep which was improvement from the night before. Here's hoping that tonight is better!

We are hoping to make it to Sunday at least (like Cole and I really have any control over when labor is going to start!) since my parents are in San Fran til Saturday and Judith is out of town til Sunday. Cole and I have had several "chats" with Noah asking him to please cook for just a few days more and momma will continue to endure these awful braxton hicks for a little bit longer. We are SOOOO EXCITED to meet him so if he comes before everyone is back, we will be happy too! We did met the on call OB yesterday who would be delivering Noah if Judith does not make it back in time from her trip. I know regardless of what happens, I will be in good hands with Cole and my doula! Any and all positive vibes would be greatly appreciated at this point in time!

In other exciting news, Cole and I welcomed a brand new niece on Monday morning. My brother and sister-in-law welcomed Lillian "Lilly" Jane into the world. She is absolutely beautiful! Both baby and momma are doing well. Below is a picture of baby Lilly. Cole and I also celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary yesterday. I cannot believe how fast time flies! We had a wonderful, romantic evening together! Such an exciting week it has been so far.

I hope everyone has a fun and safe 4th of July today!! We will continue to keep everyone updated!

Baby Lilly

(38 Week Bump Shot)
Cole making me laugh!!


  1. How sweet to see baby Lilly on your blog. I hope Noah waits until we return from San Fran. We have decided to fly home on Friday so we will be there when Noah makes his entry into our lives. Happy 4th of July. Love, Mom

  2. You look beautiful! I am sending you all very positive, healthy and loving vibes :).

  3. Noah already has a playmate. Baby Lilly is beautiful! So happy for all the joy in your lives. You are so gorgeous!! You are certainly in our happy thoughts and prayers! Share a hug with Coleman from us. I love you!!!!!!