Wednesday, June 27, 2012

37 Week Update

We made it!! Baby Noah is now officially FULL TERM! We weren't sure if we were going to make it to the 37 week update, and here we are! We saw our midwife on Tuesday for our 37 week checkup and all of my levels were looking good, and my Strep B results came back negative. I am so glad that we do not have to worry about getting to the hospital sooner in order to get the antibiotics started. Now, we can go back to our original plan of laboring at home as long as possible with the support of our doula. We did find out that Baby Noah is measuring a bit big for 37 weeks (my instincts kinda already knew this), but we finally had the conversation with Judith. My belly has consistently been measuring 1 cm/1 week ahead, and Judith thinks Noah is probably at least 7 lbs right now. The average 37 week old baby in utero is more like 6 lbs. Despite his predicted large size, Judith feels we can still try for our natural, vaginal birth. Coleman and I are so thankful for Judith...she is so practical, calm and down to east. Some doctors would probably go ahead and schedule me for a C-Section due to his large size and my petite size, but not Judith. She fills we will not know if he will fit until we try!

So, now the official waiting game has started. Baby Noah can be making his appearance any day/week now! Please stay tuned for the 38 week update or news of Baby Noah's arrival. Below is my 37 week bump photo.

(37 Week Baby Bump)

I also had to mention that Cole and I got a very generous surprise in the mail this week. One of the clinics that Cole works with in Charleston purchased our BOB stroller for us. We were so excited and cannot thank them enough! Cole can't wait to take Noah on runs once he is a bit bigger. Til then, it will be used for our long walks around the city with Noah!!

(It's walking/running time!)

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