Friday, May 25, 2012

32 Week Update

We had our 32 week appointment with Judith this week, and everything continues to look good with Noah and myself. Judith thinks he is still head down, he continues to have a healthy and happy heart rate and all of my levels are continuing to be normal. I was a bit surprised by my weight gain at this appointment though. At my last apt, I gained 1 lb in 2 weeks, at this apt I gained a whopping 4 lbs in 2 weeks. Whoa baby!….He did a lot of growing in 2 weeks apparently. My belly grew 2 cm, went from 31 to 33 cm in 2 weeks which Judith said is still looking good. I am thinking Baby Noah is going to be a good-sized baby at birth, just like his momma and daddy! Below is my 32 week bump photo and a few shots of our fur babies. They wanted some photo love today too!:) Enjoy!

(32 week bump!)

(Is it time for Noah to arrive yet?)

(I am so big...this table is almost too small for me!)


  1. Go girl!!! Sounds like baby Noah is doing exactly what he is suppose to be doing! have a great holiday weekend! see yall in a few weeks!

  2. You still look amazing! But Oliver....How he has grown. He is so beautiful! To think that he was just 1lb when we rescued him.