Friday, May 11, 2012

30 Week Update

We had our 30 week appointment with Judith this week and everything looked great! My belly is measuring 31 cm, my weight is up 1 lb from my 28 week appointment to a total of 23 lbs gained, my blood pressure is in the normal range and my glucose results and iron all came back normal. Judith also thinks that Noah is head down which is also great news. We could not be happier!! 

We are continuing to work on Noah's nursery, and the remainder of his furniture (crib and glider) should be arriving towards the end of the month. :) I have started washing Noah's clothes and baby gear which is so much fun. I have never enjoyed doing laundry so much in my entire life! I will post photos of the nursery once it is all finished! Below is my 30 week baby bump photo. Enjoy!

(30 Week Baby Bump)

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  1. Baby bump is getting big but that is a wonderful thing. You look amazing and we are so excited about Noah joining us. We look forward to the baby shower next weekend. Love, Mom