Friday, March 30, 2012

6 Month Update

Has 6 months really gone by already? I cannot imagine how fast time is going to fly once Noah actually arrives! I am sure I will try and figure out a way to stop time once he does get here!;)

We had our 6 month (24 week appointment) this week with our midwife, and everything looked great with Noah and me. I got to hear his sweet heartbeat, and he is measuring right on track for 24 weeks according to my belly measurement. My belly measured 24 cm which is exactly where it should be (Judith said the cm measurement should coincide with my week of pregnancy at this point in time.) My blood pressure is still great, and my weight gain is looking good. I am at 124 lbs which is 17 pounds up from my pre-pregnancy weight. All in all, we are both continuing to do great! Here's hoping for an uncomplicated remainder of pregnancy!

We have also made some progress in Noah's nursery. His bookshelf and dresser/changing table arrived! His bookshelf is all decorated, and his dresser is starting to get full of newborn to 6 month sized clothing. I still need to wash everything, but I figured I would due that a bit closer to July so it is nice and clean when he arrives. I will keep you updated as the nursery continues to progress!

(24 Weeks Baby Bump)

(Noah's bookshelf filled with books
and toy baskets)

(Noah's dresser/changing table)


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  2. Your baby bump looks really good compared to mine at 24 weeks. I do not think I could see my toes at this point. I love Noah's furniture, especially the bookshelf with the Golden Book, "Little Red Caboose", Chris's favorite. Not much longer.....I can hardly wait. Love, Mom