Friday, March 16, 2012

22 Week Baby Bump

We are officially well into our second trimester, and I am feeling great! Baby Noah is growing bigger each day. His kicks are getting much more powerful, and I can even see them now!

Spring has officially sprung in Atlanta (80 degree weather lately). It is so amazing! I have been wearing skirts, shorts and dresses this much more comfy than jeans! Enjoy the 22 week baby bump shots. We took one from behind too because so many people keep telling me that they cannot even tell I am pregnant when they see me from behind (I am thinking this is a pretty good thing, right?). However, then I turn around and BAM...there is the baby! :)

Happy Friday and early St. Patty's Day!

(22 weeks from behind)

(22 Week Baby Bump from the side)

(Another 22 week Baby Bump side shot)

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