Monday, February 27, 2012

Sweetpea is a....

Sweetpea is a……

Noah Allen Smith

We had our 20 week appointment this morning and everything looked great! Baby Noah is nice and healthy and all of his organs looked great. He is a big boy and is measuring 6 days ahead. Our due date is still set for July 15th. We just have a baby who is growing nice and big at this point in time! Cole and I are so excited about our little boy, and we cannot wait to meet him! Below are pictures of Baby Noah from the ultrasound today and a 20 week baby bump photo. Noah might hate me later in life for doing this to him, but I have attached a picture that shows his little parts...he is def. a boy! 

 (Noah's hand is right near his cute!)

 (He is not shy about being a boy!)

(Sweet toes!)

 (20 Week Baby Bump)
Ollie is so excited too!;)

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  1. AHHHH!!!!! Baby boy Noah...we can't wait to meet him! Congrats on exciting news! Cooper is excited to have another lil buddy to play with. Glad to hear everything is looking great!