Friday, February 17, 2012

Nursery in the Making

Sweetpea's nursery is officially in the making! All of the guest room furniture has been moved out and the nursery closet is installed. We are heading to Momma Smith's furniture store tomorrow afternoon to finalize the nursery furniture. We are planning on having her make us a crib, 9 drawer dresser converted into a changing table on top, bookshelf and maybe even a glider all in light wood to match the furniture in our master bedroom. It is so exciting! I have found several bedding choices for the nursery that I like, but I am still a bit undecided and won't make my final decision until we find out if Sweetpea is a girl or boy (only 1 week 2 more days!). If it is a girl, I am leaning towards a vintage bird theme using the color scheme: light green, yellow or cream, and pale pink as the accent color. If it is a boy, I am leaning towards a tree or letter theme using the color scheme: light green, yellow, and light blue as the accent color.  I would like to keep the bedding somewhat gender neutral so if we are lucky enough to have more babies in the future, I can reuse the nursery furniture and just tweak this bedding a bit.  I will keep you updated as the nursery progresses! Below are some pictures of the nursery to date (basically an empty room) and an 18 week baby bump photo.

                            (The dresser/changing table                     (The crib and glider will go along
                             will go under the mirror.)                         the back wall and this little table
                                                                                              will be next to the glider for me.)

(The nursery closet which is very small.)

(Baby Bump at 18 Weeks)

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  1. Looking good!!!!! (you and the nursery) :) I know the furniture will be amazing! Can't wait to see picts and know what sweet pea is in a week and 2 days!!! YAHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!