Friday, February 3, 2012

16 Week Update

 I cannot believe we are already 4 months pregnant...time is flying by! Cole and I had our 16 week appointment this morning, and it went great. This was our first appointment seeing the midwife in our practice, and she was absolutely wonderful!! She had a very calming demeanor which we both loved. She also took the time to answer my many questions regarding my birth wishes. She is very much on board with my plans of having an intervention free, unmedicated birth, and she has a great relationship with our doula which is very important to me. I did not want Cole to end up being the mediator between our doctor and doula at the hospital. I do not have to worry about this with Judith, our midwife, and Ayla, our doula. We got to hear Sweetpea's precious heartbeat again this morning which we were told once again is very healthy...about 150 bpm! We also had another round of genetic testing done, and we should have the blood work results back by next week. We will find out the sex of Sweetpea at our next appointment in 3 weeks! We were hoping we might find out today, and Judith did say that she would have if she could. Oh well, we will just try to wait patiently for 3 more weeks...20 weeks come soon! Below is my 16 week baby bump photo.

16 Weeks Bump
(I am wearing the same shirt that I was wearing
at 11 1/2 weeks, so check out the difference
in bump size now!)

Since we do not have a picture of our baby this week for you, I thought it would be fun for our much loved 4-legged babies to make their first debut on our blog. Enjoy!
 Ollie our "tank" of a kitty

 Kingston our "Big Man"

Oxie our "Pretty Girl"


  1. Niall was kicking as I was reading this blog. She can't WAIT to meet her cousin and have play dates with him or her!!! So glad to hear things are going well. We miss you guys and love you bunches! Hugs from the other Georgia!

  2. We had a great success with the birth of Benedict and owe a lot to Judith. She means it when she is on board for a great, unmedicated birth, which was our experience. So glad you are working with her!