Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Baby Bump in the Making

Sweetpea has decided it is time to start showing the world that he or she is growing inside Momma! My bump is not big yet, but it is def. there. I realized that I normally wear more flowy shirts, so you normally cannot see Sweetpea in my belly. However, when I wear a tighter fitting shirt, the bump is def. obvious! We were hanging out with some friends last night and one of them said to me, "Wow Therie, you have a little bump!" It makes it even more real when someone else besides Cole or myself sees it! Below you will see a picture of me at 6 weeks pregnant with no bump and now at 11 1/2 weeks with the bump in the making!

Me at 6 weeks with no bump

Me at 11 1/2 weeks with a little bump!

My dear friend, Sarah McLean, also gave Sweetpea his or her first baby gift last week... the cutest belly growing stickers ever! Starting at 12 weeks, my bump photos will now have an adorable "Sweetpea" sticker letting you know how many weeks pregnant I am.  Below is a preview of the stickers that you will soon be seeing on my belly. Sarah also gave us monthly onesie stickers for Sweetpea once he or she is born so you can see how Sweetpea is growing during the first year. Thank you so much Sarah and Johnny Mac for all of your love and support!!

"Sweetpea" Baby Bump Stickers

Cole and I have our second prenatal appointment and ultrasound next Friday. Stay tuned for more pregnancy updates and another photo of Sweetpea next week!

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  1. love that lil' bump!!! the stickers are too cute and so much fun!